7th Anniversary // Epic Selfies

My husband and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary on July 31st. Ever since we got married it was always a goal of ours to have a big celebration each year in some form or another. Ideally, it was always our biggest goal to vacation every year but as we all know life has it's own agenda and being extravagant is not always an option. Because he couldn't take time off we stayed at home this year. He came home from work with roses and a card containing some sweet words. He helped me with yard work even though he wasn't feeling well, and then once we got cleaned up we went to a local restaurant we hadn't been to since our first dating anniversary... 6 years ago. We thoroughly enjoyed the grub and then made our way out to a special spot along the bluffs to have an epic self portrait session.

Before we started dating, we had a late night adventure with some friends here along the beach and he and I stood next to each other looking over the water. Later, we had mutually agreed that in that very moment, in the silence amidst each others presence sparks were flying and it was a pivotal moment. Simple, and pivotal.  It's like we connected on an inner level without saying a word. Once we started dating, he took me back here on our 6 month mark and this is where he also gave me a rose and my promise ring.

We ended our night with a homemade raspberry milkshake and watched Ozark as we cuddled our sweet little dog. I always thought that life was good, but I didn't think it could be this 'Gould.'


Matt & Ashlee // PNW Elopement

Matt & Ashlee spent the first day of June eloping. I was so thrilled when they contacted me wanting to explore so many beautiful locations to celebrate their marriage. It was definitely a photographer's dream. I met them at the Domaine Madeleine Bed & Breakfast in Sequim, Washington where they had an intimate ceremony, exchanging personal vows in the presence of myself and two others. I got to be a witness on their marriage license which was a total treat! From there, we made our way to Port Angeles where we explored Hurricane Ridge, Lake Crescent and ended the evening out at Salt Creek. I was so thrilled that the weather cooperated for us and that we were able to enjoy some light sprinkles, fog, overcast and even a little peak of sunshine all throughout the day. I feel so blessed to have had this glorious opportunity. I love my job. 


It was a very windy day out at Salt Creek, but we made it work to our advantage. It was so lovely having the beautiful Danyel in front of the camera. This shoot was the perfect reminder as to why I love capturing people in their favorite places so much. When people have a deep connection with a precise location, it's so fun being able to showcase that.


As a Photographer, I feel it is so important to have fellow Photographer friends. Having like minded artistic and creative friends to surround yourself with is important. It's also great when they have adorable puppies to photograph as well. It's a comforting feeling when you can talk over coffee and yummy food, and then venture around modeling for one another. This here is my quirky friend Kim and her sweet fur babies.