The Polly's // One Year Anniversary

I absolutely love anniversaries! When I get to take photos of two love birds to remember a big milestone you better believe I'm going to have a blast doing it. Accompanied by a darling bouquet, this sweet couple dressed to the nines with love letters in hand, and a slice of chocolate cake and drinks in my suitcase to wrap it up at the end. I was able to document their love on a gorgeous mountain hillside. I embrace the little things, and strive to make Anniversary sessions sentimental, intimate, fun and memorable.  

The Mason's // Port Angeles Wedding

I'm so excited to share this one with ya'll! Mikayla and Austin's wedding was stunning in every way. I couldn't help but obsess over their ceremony,  I even cried a little bit it was just so perfect. I absolutely love it when couples make a point to include Christ in the center of it all. Watching them come together, and see their families and friends unite to celebrate a beautiful beginning was the best thing to witness. Not to mention the forest fires that weekend created a stunningly golden lit evening for us all. It was a true treasure to be present and capture their wedding day. 

The Elder's // Port Angeles Wedding

I met Andrea a few years back, and it always stood out to me from that point forward that she was a very sweet soul. When I heard she was getting married I was unbelievably stoked that she asked me to capture her wedding day. It was beautiful. The weather was gorgeous and everything was perfect. I loved watching the families sit back and take it all in, it's seriously my favorite thing. These two are adorable together. 

Josh & Liz // Couples Session

Over the Summer, I got to spend a beautiful evening in the woods with Josh and Liz. They were so playful and fun to hang out with. We put on some of their favorite tunes, explored the gorgeous scenery and even jumped in a nearby creek to wrap things up with a bang. 

7th Anniversary // Epic Selfies

My husband and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary on July 31st. Ever since we got married it was always a goal of ours to have a big celebration each year in some form or another. Ideally, it was always our biggest goal to vacation every year but as we all know life has it's own agenda and being extravagant is not always an option. Because he couldn't take time off we stayed at home this year. He came home from work with roses and a card containing some sweet words. He helped me with yard work even though he wasn't feeling well, and then once we got cleaned up we went to a local restaurant we hadn't been to since our first dating anniversary... 6 years ago. We thoroughly enjoyed the grub and then made our way out to a special spot along the bluffs to have an epic self portrait session.

Before we started dating, we had a late night adventure with some friends here along the beach and he and I stood next to each other looking over the water. Later, we had mutually agreed that in that very moment, in the silence amidst each others presence sparks were flying and it was a pivotal moment. Simple, and pivotal.  It's like we connected on an inner level without saying a word. Once we started dating, he took me back here on our 6 month mark and this is where he also gave me a rose and my promise ring.

We ended our night with a homemade raspberry milkshake and watched Ozark as we cuddled our sweet little dog. I always thought that life was good, but I didn't think it could be this 'Gould.'