The Polly's // One Year Anniversary

I absolutely love anniversaries! When I get to take photos of two love birds to remember a big milestone you better believe I'm going to have a blast doing it. Accompanied by a darling bouquet, this sweet couple dressed to the nines with love letters in hand, and a slice of chocolate cake and drinks in my suitcase to wrap it up at the end. I was able to document their love on a gorgeous mountain hillside. I embrace the little things, and strive to make Anniversary sessions sentimental, intimate, fun and memorable.  

Josh & Liz // Couples Session

Over the Summer, I got to spend a beautiful evening in the woods with Josh and Liz. They were so playful and fun to hang out with. We put on some of their favorite tunes, explored the gorgeous scenery and even jumped in a nearby creek to wrap things up with a bang.